Friday, November 7, 2008

Is pot limit Omaha the future of poker?

I have been thinking lately that I should learn how to play Omaha. This quote (about Pot Limit Omaha) from Issac Baron in the Nov. 5 issue of Card Player magazine (casino edition) on page 45 reinforces what I've suspected.

"Part of the reason that PLO has caught on
big time is that it is kind of where no-limit
was a few years ago. A few people know how
to play really well, and a lot of people
think they know how to play really well,
when they have no idea.
"With PLO, you can get fooled by your
results. Some people go on huge PLO
heaters, but they really have no clue
how to play. It is easy for them to
fool themselves into thinking they
are making the right play when they are
really not. They can keep doing some-
thing over and over, and it can keep
working because there is so much
short-term variance, much more than
in no-limit.
"PLO is a really good action game,
because there are just so many
fish right now."

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  1. If you have a Stars account, come play the .01/.02 rooms. A cheap way to figure it out. That and reading. There's always reading. ;-)