Wednesday, November 12, 2008

For those of you who rock . . .

We salute you.

AC/DC is on tour. Anybody else going to see them (shown above in Boston)? They are coming to Memphis Jan. 30, and your boy (moi) has a ticket already. I know I'm showing my age, but I like them.

If you click on the ticket, you see it says "No cameras." Now that's just wrong. I wonder which wanker moron came up with that?

They played in Boston Nov. 9, and you can read the review if you click here.

I wonder if they gave me a seat in the geriatric section?


  1. So, who's older? I remember very clearly when I first heard AC/DC. Home from college with a baggie of chocolate mesc, hanging with my brother and his friends. Not my cup of tea straight, yet they did the Cheap Trick wasted.

  2. I am by 10 years, but that's just a vicious rumor.

  3. Let's just hope that the same girls who were flashing their boobs back in the day aren't still doing it...just sayin'

  4. My bud just saw the show Friday in Toronto. He said it was incredible, so enjoy!

  5. AC/DC was my very first concert! My husband and I are going to try to catch it.