Thursday, November 13, 2008

Poker pearl #4

This is by John Vorhaus discussing live play in the Card Player magazine dated Oct. 31, 2008.

Don't watch the flop! Sure, you want
to know if the flop helps you. Every-
body does. So, watch the other players
instead. You (may) learn volumes from
their reactions. In other words, study
your opponents before you study the
cards. That flop isn't going anywhere,
but critical information (reactions
and tells) is fleeting. Never watch
a flop fall again.
It continues to astound me how fixated
most players are on that flop. They
literally cannot tear their eyes away.
It's just basic common sense to watch
the other players instead of the flop.
You probably won't learn anything,
but you definitely give nothing away.


  1. This is incredibly valuable. I've trained myself to do this and it works amazingly well. I once noticed that a lasy I was playing didn't actually look at the flop before she grabbed chips and bet. Had she, she would have noticed it was incredibly coordinated. After she looked at the flop and showed a wee bit of horror before her, my rather large reraise ended the pot right there. Hehe.

  2. I always make sure to look away when the flop is dealt. Just in case someone is looking back through the screen