Sunday, November 23, 2008

A hot game turned cold

I went to Nashville today to see the Tennessee Titans play the New York Jets. Game-time temperature was around 50F and overcast and windy.

Because the Jets had been hot and the Titans were undefeated, the game was supposed to be a barn-burner. That's a colloquialism that means it was expected to be an event that arouses much interest or excitement. Well, the interest and excitement went away fast if you were a Tennessee fan. It was soon obvious which team was better. Tennessee couldn't establish a running game, dropped catchable balls, had two key fumbles and never really got into the game. The final score was 34-13 in favor of the bad guys.

[About the images below, you should click to enlarge. They are high resolution (originally 5 to 7 meg). Although blogger reduces them, they are still viewed better after clicking.]

The game was played at LP Field. This view is looking West (and South). You can see the Nashville skyline behind the stadium. The Cumberland River separates the two.

In this image (click to enlarge), you can see the river in the middle-right.

In the third quarter, the NY Jets were down on the goal line.

They scored a TD on this play. Lavernius Coles was only barely open, but Favre got the ball to him somehow. Notice two defenders on Cole's right, and another approaching from the left.

In case you haven't figured it out, I was waaaaaay up high in the stadium. I kept looking around for mountain goats. Didn't see any, but there were surely a few around somewhere. It was hard to get a decent shot of the football players. Not only was I around five or six miles from them, the angle was bad (looking down severely). I need to get some press credentials and walk around on the sidelines like a big shot.

This is my favorite photo. Maybe, it's because I tried to follow the rule of thirds. What, you don't know what that is? Well, I don't really either, but it sounds good.

I avoided temptation. I'm more of a hotdog kinda guy. Stop it, you know what I mean.

A break in the action.

Do you think these two fans (father and son, I think) were happy with the outcome of the game? I couldn't resist asking the guy on the right if he were cold (the temperature was down to about 40 and windy by then). He answered, "To tell the truth, I've had so much to drink, I'm numb." All I could do was laugh with him. The Jets had a ton of fans at the game, most of them young.

I also got this shot. Of course, then I had to listen to how great the Jets were and how the Titans really weren't all that good. Um, sure buddy, just what I wanted to hear after we got kicked in the teeth (and a few other places). But, hey, MOJO will make any sacrifice to get a good photo for both my readers.


  1. my team lost another one on the last play of the game. i took a few pics also which i linked to my football blog.

  2. I went to your football blog, nice shots. Thx for pointing me that way. For some reason SD refuses to enter the competition for the AFC West, a division begging to be won.