Tuesday, November 25, 2008

MOJO does South Park

Above is what MOJO would look like if he were a guest on the TV show South Park. You know, they'd have him on if he won the WSOP ME or he discovered a cure for cancer. You can go do similar foolishness if you go to South Park Studio. Notice that I've got my camera. To be realistic, I probably should have included a deck of cards, too.

Saw this by Gadzooks64 over at omgwtf: it's a blog!? If you go there, you can see her SP look. It's not bad. She has cards in her hands, probably the nuts. She also has a fruity drink with an umbrella, meh.

Gee thanks, Gadzooks -- it's not I don't have a life. Um, well, whatever.

What would you look like if you were a SP character?


  1. Awesome!

    Dude, those eyeballs. I dunno what to say!

  2. The eyeballs are like built-in shades! I mean, really.