Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It's Tuesday, it must be Bodonkey time!

Thirty-eight crazy miscreants bloggers signed up to play in the Bodonkey tournament tonight. Let me take a second to give a nod to the $mokkee man. He does a lot of work, just for the good of poker and blogger brethren. I'm sure he'd rather just play and enjoy, but, heck, somebody has to do the organizing to keep the thing moving along. So props to him, big time!

I'm taking the easy blog-a-ma-thing tonight and giving you some pictures. Let's see, which would your rather have? My poker drivel or some snapshots? Some snapshots or my drivel? Yes, I thought so.

Early, I was on the right side of this cooler (these images are small, so click on them to enlarge):

But the Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away, or what goes up, must come down. One of those things:

Now I was in trouble. What would help? Being dealt a pair and hitting a set? How about being dealt a pair and flopping quads, baby! I had position, and checked on the flop. I'm not a fan of slow play, but I have a hand that is (basically) unbeatable, so need to let the villain, mofo_69, catch up. I checked the turn too. Finally, on the river mofo_69 bet out for T500. I made the reviled min-raise to T1000 and he called.

An early position guy, NewinNov (who I was not familiar with), raised all-in for T2885 (the blinds were 125/250). What would you do with: A Q? The guest pro, Eric "Rizen" Lynch, was still in the tournament, but he was on life support with around T300! Would that affect your decision? You want to outlast him, don't you?

I had newinnov covered and decided to play. I'd hate it if he had AK, but with a small to medium pair, I'm okay. I was shocked when he turned over: Q 8! At first I was ecstatic, but poker can be very cruel. Click on this image to see why:

Shortly after that, it folded to the button who limped and I had: 2 2. I moved all in for T1550. It folded back to the button who called. He showed 6 6, ouch.

Well, I missed my chance to outlast Rizen, but heck, most of the time I would have picked up a small pot and if I got called by overcards then have a decent chance to double up and get back in the hunt.

One good thing about the Bodonkey, there's another one in two days! Here's the final tally for the MOJO man (and notice Rizen is still in with T235):


  1. thx for the pimpage. as expected a wild ride in the Bodonkey.