Friday, November 21, 2008

Poker pearl #6

With the uber-aggressive style of many poker players, it is important to re-steal. What is that? This refers to the act of re-raising a player who is making a probable steal-raise. This steal-raise is normally done on the button or late position.

Scott Seiver is a 23-year-old poker pro who plays mostly online, but he also won a bracelet at this summer's WSOP. Here's what he says (in the Nov. 19 issue of Card Player magazine, casino edition):

When re-stealing, you want to look for an
aggressive player who is raising a lot of
hands from late position, and you want to
have a hand that is somewhat decent, just
in case you get called on your re-steal.
You are looking for those two things
to line up.

If you are going all in on your re-steal,
you should have as much as six or seven
times the size of your opponent's bet.
When you both have a lot of chips, you
are looking to re-steal by re-raising
just four times your opponent's raise.
You don't need to risk more than that to
try and win the pot. The player you are
re-stealing from also must have enough of
a stack to be able to fold his hand.

If you both have a lot of chips, I think
you should re-steal a lot when you are in
position. Specifically, when you are on
the button and he is in the cutoff and
raises, this is a really good spot to
resteal. He can't call you with many
hands because he is out of position.

Don't be afraid to re-steal. It's all
about knowing that you can do it, and
that it can work.

Card Player magazine is excellent. If you'd like to subscribe, you can call: 1-866-LVPOKER.

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