Thursday, November 20, 2008

How do you tackle this one?

We had an Eight is Enough game at the bridge club last night. This is the brainchild of local Director Mary Oshlag. Advanced players are required to form teams with lesser players in a Swiss Teams format. A total of 20 teams showed up.

This hand was played by two friends of mine.

A 3
A 7 6
A K Q 10 3 2
Q 4
K Q 9 5 3
Q J 3
A 9 7 2

The auction started with a big club by North, South bid 1, showing 5+ spades and game-forcing values. North bid 2 and South bid 2. When I talked to him today, he admitted he should have bid 3 because he showed six or more spades with the 2 call. North rebid diamonds and South now bid his club suit. I'm not sure of the continuation, but the final contract was 6.

West led a low spade. You play the ace, then the king and queen. West shows out on the third one, so you have a sure trump loser. How do you play it from here? One thing to think about is the opening lead. Why didn't West fire out a heart, the unbid suit? In other words, if you need the K onside to take 12 tricks, there is an inference that is is on your left, although it's only a clue and not dispositive.

What now? Your novice teammates are counting on you.

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  1. I'd probably bet half the pot and fold if villain goes all in.