Thursday, November 20, 2008

Who is your fav(re)orite football player?

We all have different professional football players who we like. Even though he's not my favorite, it's hard not to like Brett Favre. He has been around forever, and he's tough. When's the last time he missed a game? The answer is that he hasn't. Even if he's hurt, he plays.

Late in his career, Favre has become a gunslinger -- he throws into double coverage, and he's willing to gamble. I bet he'd make a heckuva poker player.

Last September, I went to St. Louis to see the Rams play Buffalo. I wanted to see a second game this season, but even then I knew the Rams were terrible. Aha, let's go to Nashville to see my Tennessee Titans. So, I went online and ordered tickets to see them play the New York Jets this Sunday. I wasn't sure how good the Jets were, but at least I would see a legend -- Favre.

It looks like I made a good choice. The Titans are 10-0, the only NFL team that is undefeated. The NY Jets are 7-3 and in first place in the AFC East. This should be an awesome game.

Yes, I'm going to take my camera. Both of my readers will be subjected to photos when I return. Have camera, will travel.


  1. Brett was always a gunslinger, it's just that as he has grown older he's lost a few inches off the fastball so that instead of getting thru the double coverage the way it used to the ball gets knocked down or picked off sometimes making it more apparant what he does.

    Enjoy the game

  2. Brett's always been a favorite of mine and I agree totally, with his penchant to gamble, he'd be one hell of a poker player!

    great Pic up top by the way !!
    It looks fantastic!

  3. Um. I'm from Minnesota. There are certain moral issues that need to be addressed before we can ever be a fan of anything green and gold. The rival runs very deep. Very deep.