Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bodonkey last night and I'm the donkey

A total of 44 totally insane bloggers players signed up for the Bodonkey last night. This is a series of tournaments on Tuesday and Thursday that will end Dec. 16. The top players (and three from a special last-chance) from these tournaments will play in a freeroll tournament on Dec. 18. Bodog adds money to the prize pool each week and there is often a bounty on a big-name player such as Evelyn Ng, Eric "rizen" Lynch, Iggy the granddaddy of poker bloggers who went deep in the 2008 WSOP main event, and the organizer of the Bodonkey series, $mokkee. When the $109 bounty was on $mokkee, he won his own bounty by finishing first! Now is that tacky or what?

We started with 2500 in chips and I built my stack up, then got lucky. I was all in with J-J versus K-K, oops. But the board had four clubs on it and one of my jacks was a club -- sweet!

My next big hand wasn't so lucky. $smokkee raised from UTG for three times the big blind. I was in the BB with 9-9. I don't like to play from out of position, but it only cost me two big blinds and if I hit a set I can bust him. The flop was sweet for me: K-9-4. I don't have a hand history available right now, but I bet he raised me, I raised him back and we got all the money in the pot. He turned over a nightmare hand: K-K for set over set! It doesn't get much more brutal than that.

The RNG was going crazy last night. Here's another cute deal. $mokkee and another player were all before the flop. They each turned over Q-Q. Ha ha, we all had a good laugh. One player wasn't laughing when it was over. Four hearts came and $mokkee (who had the Q) had busted another player.

I had built my chips back up through obviously superior play general donkeyhood and picked up A K. A player in front of me made a large raise and I just called. The flop was nice for me: A-x-x and the two low ones were spades. (I don't have a hand history, so am recalling the betting from memory, always a dangerous thing.) I had top pair, top kicker and a redraw to the nut flush. The guy made a large bet and I raised him. He called. The turn was another rag, he checked and I bet out and he called. There was around 6000 in the pot now. The river was a low spade giving me the nuzzits. He checked and I bet 999 which was called. (I was hoping the small bet would make him think I was scared of the flush and encourage him to check-raise bluff.)

When we were down to 13 players, I had a big stack, around 12,500, and picked up Q-Q. I bet slightly more than three times the big blind (there were antes now) and the other big stack at the table shoved. What does he have? My reasoning was that if he had A-A or K-K, he would reraise, not try and push me out with an all-in bet. I was pretty sure he had A-K, so I called. Sure enough, that's what he had. The flop was all low cards, but the turn was an ace and the river was a king (not that it mattered). Did I have to call his shove? Of course not, but, in fact, I has happy to race with him. If I win that hand, I'm positioned to win the tournament. First place is where the "real" money is. I'm not bothering to play to try to come in 5th and win $25 or whatever. Ya gotta go for the mobneys -- I'm just sayin'.

You can read $mokkee's account of last night by clicking here. You can see the tournament leader board if you go here.

Thanks again to Bodog for sponsoring this event and to $mokkee for organizing it.

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  1. i ran pretty hot that tourney. glad you enjoyed the series.