Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The MOJO Fantasy FB update

Matt's comment in a previous post reminded me I haven't updated my fantasy FB teams lately. In the Weak / Tight league of 12 insane, crazy mofos bloggers, I finished the season with the most total points, but only a 7-6 record! It's unbelievable, but in five of the six losses, my opponent scored 103 points or more! The other loss was to Matty Ebs by one point.

Anyway, you can see (if you click on the image to enlarge) that I had 1223 total points and the next highest was Schaubs' team, Running Riot, with 1189.

We're into the playoffs now. The top two teams had a bye and third through sixth played matches last Sunday. I nipped El Dobles 107 to 101. He still had a chance to win Monday night, but his kicker missed a FG and an extra point that allowed me to squeak by.

Here's a shot of the playoff bracket sheet:

The other two who are fighting for the title are The Ricky Williames (Mean Happy Guy) and Running Riot (Matt Schaubs). I'm playing Steel Curtain Rod (the Matt from Seattle). Just a reminder, we all contributed $20. Payouts are: 1st = $120, 2nd = $80 and 3rd = $40.

Just to brag on my team: I have lots of depth. As an example, I had Ryan Grant (16 points), Kevin Walter (20 points) and Antonio Bryant (32 points!) on the bench last week. Um, maybe that's depth or maybe it's something called bad managing??

My other money league consists of 10 players from Raleigh NC, nearly all bridge players. I lived in Raleigh for 21 years, and have played with that group since 1989! I share a team with Xwing and we are in first place. We play Randy, one of our closest competitors, on the 17th week of the season, so that could decide things.

Our team in Raleigh has Drew Brees who has carried us most weeks. We also have Portis, Forte, D.Williams (who has been huge), B.Marshall, Calvin Johnson (imagine if he played on a team with a real QB) among others.

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