Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cooped up on a Sunday afternoon

I played in the WBCOOP final this afternoon along with 368 other donkeys bloggers. Instead being cooped up inside (and playing poker), I should have gotten out and done something else. I was psyched, but never really got anything going. I played patiently to last as long as I did. It's tough when you never have a big pair (I did have 10-10 twice) or flop a set or have any hand to chip up with. Sometimes, though, the best you can do is stay out of trouble. If you survive, good things can happen.

Here's an example of staying out of trouble. I was in the big blind with the best hand I held all afternoon: 10-10. An early-position player raised. I didn't want to play a big pot out of position, so I just called.

An ace came and the villain bet big and I gave up the hand.

I was able to bet on the flop and win this hand:

lightning36 and one other player were in the pot. When they both checked, I made a healthy bet and they folded.

A small stack moved all in, and I re-raised to isolate. It was scary until the river:

Then I saved money with 7-7. An early-position player raised. I called as did one of the blinds. The flop was 4 10 3. The blind checked and the original raiser bet 900 in what felt like a continuation bet. I would have probably raised him, but I was concerned about the guy left to act behind me (the blind who called, then checked). You can see in the image, that it was a good thing:

I busted out in 185th place. I don't mind losing, but the way it happened was crummy. I made a big raise from early postition with A K. One of the donkeys who called me won the pot with 10 8. Here's a snapshot:

Here are some names on the score board.

Gadzooks finished 134th.

Rakewell, also known as the Poker Grump, finished 74th.

NumBono was 298.

lightning36 was 230th.

OhMyCaptain was 289th.

EDIT: I forgot scottc25 who plays as snuffy who had a nice 42nd-place finish! I'm used to the scottc name and snuffy whizzed right over my head, sorry.

Also, congrats to Buddy Dank who went uber-deep and finished 12th! Nice job.

I may have overlooked some others. Here are two whom I didn't see: LairOfLuchpher and Bruechips who writes the Spritpot blog.

The tournaments were fun -- thanks to Poker Stars who sponsored the donkery.


  1. BuddyDank of BuddyDank Radio fame finished 12th.

    Boy, did I suck today...that is all.

  2. I ran K-K into A-A. I should have paid attention to Poker pearl #11.

    Oh well -- at least you got a great cash in the prelims. That is more than most bloggers got. Congrats.

  3. scottc25 aka Snuffy finished 42nd. Just sayin'

  4. Your kingdom for a diamond.

    Damn, sorry to see you went out on a hand like that. Another case of a donk willing to go to war light and early.

    Thank goodness it was a freeroll, at least.