Monday, December 22, 2008

The Tuckfard is going to the dogs, er goats, um GoatLady I mean

The Tuckfard Open was fun tonight, as usual. Twelve bloggers signed up to engage in some donkery. Did you think four feet of snow would stop one of the BamBam clan from showing up. He claimed he cleared his 100 foot driveway with a blower, but we know they use a broom in Bedrock. Snow blower? Come on!

Suppose a wild and crazy donkey solid player raises three times the big blind to you in the SB. You hold A K. You are going to be playing out of position, so you don't reraise, just call. The flop is extremely sweet for you: A A Q. Let's say you check to the raiser and he bets half the pot. If you call, the villain would only have around 1100 left, so you move all in, right?

Well anyone would, but there's bad news. MOJO had pocket Q-Q and had flopped a boat:

When we were three-handed, the Goatlady had the most chips and Kattitude and I were about even, and not far behind. I hit a lucky hand against Kat when I chased (she had 10-10 and the flop didn't help me), but I called. I was lucky to turn an ace which paired me. I should have folded on the flop and usually don't play like that. This left Kat short-stacked and she was the next one out. I'm sure she was disappointed, but congratulations on 3rd.

Here's a big hand during heads-up play where TheGoatlady turned a flush, but I turned the nut flush:

During heads-up play, the Goatlady whittled me down. I battled back, but this was the busto hand (I needed a diamond for a flush, or a non-spade ace):

Congratulations to the GoatLady for the win and this week's bragging rights. Pebbles was fourth. DonK_Tuckfard was short-stacked early, but managed it well and hung on for 5th.


  1. Gotta give these Monday night tourneys a try. They sound fun.

  2. Always great to see you at the game Memphis. That boat over set hand with Peb's, was a crushing blow for her. She actually said out loud, "did he make that raise with Q-Q?" followed by, "If he did, good on him!"

    When she clicked the button, she said something like, "chop! CHOP!"


    Good game and a very Merry Christmas, to you and yours.