Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Fantasy FB winding down. How did your team(s) do?

There is one week left in the Weak / Tight poker bloggers fantasy football league. How am I doing? I'm glad you asked:

There are two teams left in the playoff for first -- MOJO and the MeanHappyGuy team called The Ricky Williamses. MHG finished first in the regular season standings with a 10-3 record and he'll be tough to beat. First (after the playoffs) gets $120 and second is paid $80, so we are both in the mobneys.

Playing for third place, and $40 mobneys, are Running Riot Matt Schaub) and Steel Curtain Rod -- the (Matt from Seattle).

EZ's El Dobles
has locked up fifth-place which gets no mobneys, but definitely some bragging rights.

My other league consists of players who are mostly bridge players. They live in Raleigh NC or the nearby area. The nine bridge players in the league have a total of nearly 68,000 masterpoints. That's a lot of bridge -- I'm just sayin'.

I share a team with Xwing and we are in first place. We play heads-up matches each week and convert the raw score to what we call Victory Points. I don't have a screen shot, but here are the standings of the top four, not counting this past week:

MOJO/Xwing: 447
Dan: 431
Randy: 423
Steve: 419

We won our match this past weekend (34 VPs, so we now have 481), so will remain in first, but I don't have the other scores yet. This is a money league that pays out each week, after 10 weeks and after week 17. First is $120 if my memory serves me.

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  1. Mojo,

    it's Wolfshead on UB, same as Tilt. It's that or Wolfshead56 on 95% of the sites I've played. Will look you up on UB