Monday, December 15, 2008

Tuckfard w00t

I made it back from my Florida trip just in time for the Tuckfard Open. It is always fun to play and the players are great company. BamBamCan was there, as well as kattitude, DonK, muhctim, NutzCarson and the usual wild and crazy crowd.

What happens when you get A-A five times! You win -- that's what's supposed to happen, and that's exactly what did happen tonight. The first two times, I raised and everyone folded. But two of the next three times, I won big pots.

I also had Q-Q three times. Twice I raised and won the blinds and antes. The last time it was raised by shockerkitten in front of me. I sometimes reraise, but I had position and decided this time to call. The flop was A-9-7 and shockerkitten made a huge bet and I gave up my hand.

When we were down to three, I had a huge stack, shockerkitten had around 4500 and SuzyQ500 was hanging on. She played very patiently and eventually had more chips than shockerkitten. I forget the hand she busted out on, but she finished in 3rd place.

The final hand, shockerkitten raised on the button (something he had done a lot, although not overly so). I had K-10 and reraised him and he moved in (for not much more) and I called. He had A-9, so he was a slight favorite. According to the Card Player magazine odds calculator, he's nearly a 58% favorite.

The flop and turn were no help for either of us, but a 10 on the river sealed it for me.

Wolfshead was 4th and Baywolfe was 5th, so congratulations to them, too.


  1. Not only did you get A-A a lot you smelled the hell out of them. I had it 3 times myself and with all your preflop raising you folded before my action twice and then limp folded to them the last time. I congratulate your nose. Good game

  2. Awsome job!

    I wish I could play more of the blogger tourneys, but they always take place whenever I'm sound asleep.

    Anyway, hope to see you at the WBCOOP starting tonight. I'll definately make an effort in playing the NLHE events, but hopefully I'll be in a few Omaha events too.

  3. @wolfshead = To be honest, I probably was just lucky.

    @joxum = I'm signed up for the blogger thing, tonight is my first one. GL to you and the others who play.

  4. Congrats on the "big" win!!!


    Always a pleasure to "see" you out for our games Memphis. Thanks for the support.