Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Last fantasy blogger standing woot

MOJO won the Weak / Tight fantasy football league. Twelve bloggers signed up, eleven compteted (one dropped out) and in the end there was one left standing:

Second went to The Ricky Williamses who is MeanHappyGuy, so props to him. Third place was won by team Running Riot who is Schaubs, Under Par Poker. First through third get money, so Matt C. (from Seattle) who is Just Another Donkey. will have to settle for glory and bragging rights over eight other bloggers. Fifth went to Easycure.

Thanks to 23Skidoo for organizing and serving as Commish.

My other fantasy league consists of 10 bridge players from the Raleigh NC area. We have one week to go in that one, but Xwing and I (share a team) are in first place.

MOJO/Xwing 481
Dan 465
Randy 445
Steve 437

I don't have the other three scores yet, but this past week our team scored 39, so we almost certainly widened the gap over Dan. I don't remember what the first-place prize pays, maybe $120, plus the weekly prizes for best team score and best individual player score.

After the regular season, the top four teams have a playoff for an additional $50 that is basically winner-take-all. We keep our own team members who are still playing, and redraft and divvy up the players from the six teams in our league who did't make our playoff. Yes, I guess you can say we hate to see the season end and this is a last-gasp thing.

NOTE: I am leaving Wednesday for a holiday weekend -- back late Monday. I will be participating in the Sixth Annual Durham CT World Poker Championship. Durman CT, population of a little more than 6,000 people, is the venue for this highly prestigous event. Each year we have five players who put $5 each in the pot and it's winner take all. Be sure and tune in next week for photos and a recap.

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