Friday, December 26, 2008

MOJO in the Guinness World Book of Records? Huh?

Xwing alerted me to something I somehow had missed. Poker Stars is holding a tournament this Sunday that they hope 35,000 runners will compete in. This will smash the world record for a single tournament. You can read more about it at the Poker Listings web site by clicking here, or at the World Amazing Records web site by clicking here.

The entry fee is $10 + $1, just what I like: a cheap entry for a donkey. If you let all the names load, you might see MemphisMOJO and we can slug it out together. I hope to see you at the final table where first place pays $30,000.

Happy holidays to my thousands of readers, um both, um everyone.


  1. Feel free to honor me after I take down the PokerStars monster ...

  2. @lightning: i will bow down

    @joxum: see you there!