Saturday, December 27, 2008

Poker pearl #13

The Pro: Shaun Deeb talked about his heads-up match against Annette Obrestad (Annette_15 online) in the Dec. 17 issue of Card Player magazine.

The Pearl: "I could see ... that she was better than me (sic). So I made the decision to reduce her edge by getting it in preflop with almost any chance and with anything reasonable. If you're outclassed by a considerable margin, resorting to a preflop shovefest is a good way to give yourself a 35 to 45% chance of winning...

"Later in the match, I four-bet shoved her three-bet with marginal hands and not much fold equity. But even though it was slightly -EV versus her ranges, overall, it increased my chances of winning the match."

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