Sunday, December 7, 2008

Who flipped the switch?

Onnline poker at Ultimate Best was crazy tonight. These two wild deals are from cheap sit and gos.

I was in the BB. I led out for a small bet, he called. I bet a little more on the turn, even though there were three flush cards out there. Then when quads hit on the river, I felt a little more comfortable leading out again. The donk called me all the way. I wish I had bothered to look at the hand history and see what his cards were.

Then this:

There were some limpers to me on the button. I made a pot-sized raise and Q 10 called. Not only did he flop the nut flush, he rivered a Royal!


  1. It was a pleasure as always to see you out at the game last night my friend!
    Sorry I didn't get to chat with you a bit more.
    I was on a bit of a roll.


  2. My pleasure to play -- the Tuckfard game is always fun.

  3. Good luck this week.

    And by "good luck", I obviously mean "score one less point than I do."

  4. Hey Matt, yeah, thank, I think. GL to you too. That reminds me that I haven't blogged about my fantasy FB teams lately. Hmm..