Thursday, February 12, 2009

Deep stack works for me

I haven't been playing in online tournaments much lately other than the Monday night Tuckfard Open, but I saw a new one tonight that was called Deep Stacks. It was a $15+$1.5 on Ultimate Bet/Absolute Poker. Sometimes they call these things "deep" but the blind structure is atrocious, so I checked. The levels were 12 minutes, the blinds started at 5/10 and you began with a stack or 5,000! A great tournament for a nit like me!

You would think with chip stacks this deep, it would be hard to stack players, but look at this next image below. He went all in with big slick. Thank you sir, thank you very much.

Then the battle of the blinds. This guy decided to give me all his chips. He had top pair with a 3 kicker. A 3! Folks, I'm not making this stuff up! (Ok, he did have a redraw to a straight, but who's counting.)

Later on, a short stack came over the top of me with A-J. Puh-leeze! My 9-9 was good for another chip-up.

Yes, I was winning my races and abusing the donkeys. That's what you have to do to go deep. But I was playing some good poker, too, I think.

Playing the nit: On one hand, the tightest guy at the table made a raise 4 times the BB. It folded around to me, and I had A-K in the big blind. I just folded. That might sound too conservative, but there's no way I'm better than a coin flip. I might have called, but I'm out of position for the whole deal, so, nope, not this time. Some players will not agree, but my stack was in good shape and so why race (or worse)?

Floating on air: Then on another hand, a different guy raised before the flop. I called from the button with not much (9 7). He bet the flop and I called, even though I'd whiffed. He bet the turn, but it smelled like a weak second CB, so I popped it up and he folded like the cheap suit I knew he was.

Here's a shot when we were down to four players:

And this was the final three. I was the short stack with 150K, the other two had around 360K and 400K.

I failed to get a shot of my bust out hand, but I flopped two pair and bet. The villain called with second pair, both hearts with only one heart on the board. A second heart came on the board on fourth street, and I bet big, but he called and hit another heart on the river to get there with a flush. Stuff happens, I'm just sayin'.


  1. Way to go! Do you ever play on Pokerstars, btw?


  2. I'd never played on Poker Stars until the blogger tournaments in December. I've heard they have good tournaments, so I guess I should head over there and investigate. I think Cardgrrl said they have a deep stack tournament there, too.

  3. I've played it once or twice and almost forgot about it until Cardgrrl went deep in it.

    It's a pretty good structure and for me it's on a perfect time of day.


  4. Remind me what time it is.

    I'm leaving for an 8 day vacation tomorrow, but I'd like to play when I get back if the time of day is good for me.

    (My 'word verification' is: finatio

    Whoever makes these up has waaay too much time on their hands.)

  5. decent score for a $16 tourney, gg.