Monday, February 9, 2009

Tuckfard recap

Lightning36 has been threatening to come thrash us promising to play in the Tuckfard Open, and tonight he did. If he's been there before, I missed him. The rest of the degenerates usual crowd was there, too. As is par for the course, it was a fun group, about half Canadians and half Americans.

I had pocket aces early, then went card-dead for a long time. It can be frustrating when that happens and I used the "F" word a lot. Yes, I had to fold, fold and fold some more. What F-word did you think I meant? Come on, now.

Katitude took 6th after a bad beat -- her A-A lost to Q-9 (all in pre-flop), and that crippled her stack, and NutzCarson ran out of chips and finished 5th.

When we were down to four players, Muhctim had the big stack, lightning36 was next, SuzyQ500 was in third, and I was the short stack. Muhctim had me all in with A-Q while I had 9-9 -- it's a race! My 9s held up and I finally had some chips to work with. SuzyQ was next to go out making her the official bubble person.

After that I started slinging the chips. Muhctim even said, "I'm getting dizzy," as the chip$ were flying out there like I was a crazy man. I was worried that I would injure my wrist using the mouse like I did.

The blinds were starting to erode lightning's stack and he finally took a stand with A-Q. Lucky for me that I had A-K and also lucky that big slick held up against big chick.

Heads up, I played a big pot with Muhctim when I had A-9 and he had A-8 and my 9 played as a kicker. Things like that show the vagaries of poker. Sure, there's skill involved, but there's luck, too. You have to embrace the randomness, or poker will drive you stark raving mad, I mean just bonkers frustrate you. I don't remember the final hand, but basically I was pretty lucky. Anyway, thanks to lightning36 for slumming with us and congrats to Muhctim who was unlucky not to win.


  1. Dang -- I really thought I was going to take this down until you starting "slinging" your chips.

    Great fun tonight. Certainly more fun than the Stud game where I couldn't buy a break. A 9-9-9 start lost to quad aces. My hand kept looking worse ... and worse ... and worse ...

    Congrats on the win.

  2. Good job sir! Sorry I couldn't stay at the party any longer than I did. ;-)

  3. Nice job! I wish those tourneys weren't scheduled so darn late for me, or I'd play them a lot more often.