Friday, February 27, 2009

Poker Pearl #19

Jimmy "gobboboy" Fricke was an online phenom who was too young in 2007 to play in U.S. casinos. So, he went overseas and finished 2nd in the Aussie Millions and raked in $850,000 for doing so. He's now older than 21 and has made deep runs in tournaments here in the states.

Fricke discusses the concept of way ahead or way behind in the Feb.25, 2009, issue of Card Player magazine. What's that mean?

To explain the concept, Fricke gives this example: Suppose you have A-7 and it's folded to you on the button. You raise and the BB calls. The flop is A-6-2, and the BB checks to you. Fricke recommends checking also. Here's why. If the BB has an ace, it is very likely better than yours -- A-3, A-4 or A-5 are the only hands you could beat. If you bet, he will (likely) fold, if he doesn't have an ace. So, the only hands he will (usually) call with are hands better than yours. Fricke also points out another advantage of checking: it makes you a bit more of a "tricky" player.

On a separate note, the scanned cover of the magazine (shown above) is amazing. Click on it to enlarge the image to see what I mean. Whoever designed it makes me jealous.

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