Sunday, March 1, 2009


I walk each day for exercise. When I walked Friday, I wasn't wearing a coat, and, so, was surprised to hear there was a 60% chance of snow on Saturday. I thought to myself, "Oh, sure."

Saturday afternoon, I went to the Brooks Museum to see an exhibit on quilting (don't laugh). It cost $7, but only $6 for seniors. When I was purchasing my entry ticket, she asked me "Is that an adult or a senior?" I paid my $7 and entered. It's a good thing my ego is in good shape. Senior my ass.

When I went in the museum, it was raining. When I came out it was dark and snowing!

When I got home, I remembered that my daffodils were blooming. They represent spring and the change of seasons. Yet there was snow on the ground -- sort of a contrast -- so I couldn't resist:

That evening, when I went to play poker at the Goldstrike Casino, there were more changes in store. I almost always play in their $110 tournament that they call Weekend Warrior. If I don't play in it, I play in the $1/2 NL hold 'em game. I didn't do either one. I called ahead and got on the list for $4/8 Limit hold 'em!

One of the blogs I read is Holdem Notebook by Matt Tag, a nice, thinking player who no one has heard of yet. Two weeks ago, he described a trip he took where he played only limit poker. When I began playing poker (back in March of 2004), limit is what I played. His post reminded me of the old days. Yes, it's frustrating to see players chase all the way to the river and suck out, but in the long run, they are just building bigger pots for you.

I enjoyed it. The game had the usual bunch of players who would play anything. All of my good hands held up, except this one, and it illustrates how they play (and I'm not into a bad beat story here). There were two limpers to me on the button and I had A K and I raised from $4 to $8. Both limpers called. It is rare for them to put $4 out there and then fold to a raise.

The flop was good for me: K J 4. They checked to me and I bet $4 and both called. The turn was 4 and I bet $8 and both called. The river was 10. I bet $8 and both called again. The first guy turned over K 3 and the other guy had K 10, so had rivered me out of an $80 pot. That's not even a bad beat, just normal stuff for limit poker with tourists. The K-10, okay, but the other guy played K-3 off and out of position. I'm not complaining, you have to accept that if you want to play limit poker.

I wasn't involved in the biggest pot of the night. It started with three limpers. The flop was A 7 2, and the fireworks started. It was bet and capped on all streets. Sure, enough, one guy started with pocket aces and the other with pocket 7s -- it was middle set versus top set.

One thing I noticed in this particular game that I don't remember being true when I used to play limit. Usually, no one ever raised pre-flop unless they had pocket aces, or occasionally pocket kings. Last night was different. If they had A-A or K-K they would limp, but if they had 10-10 or J-J, they would raise. Apparently, they were afraid to play post-flop when high cards came.

I think this change (limit poker) will be like the snow (not permanent). It was relaxed poker, however, and a sure winner unless you held no good cards at all. You do have to smile and say "Nice hand," when they draw out. Otherwise, it will drive you crazy.


  1. Just wait until you dip your toe into Omaha!

  2. @bastinptc: Ha, ha. I will need a supply of happy pills, or some other form of anger management.

  3. thanks for the shout out!

    Matt Tag

  4. I didn't believe the snow forecast, either. I was thinking, no way!

    You know, I thought you might be at GS last night and we almost drove over there, but decided to play at Sam's Town, instead. (I was going to look for a guy wearing "mojo gear" haha)I'm sure we'll run into each other one of these weekends, tho. Are you thinking about playing any of the Spring Classic events?

  5. @matt: no problem

    @jusdealem: not sure. I am leaving for Houston Mar 10 for work (for 2 wks), so not sure if I'll get any sessions in. Are you going to play?

  6. Yes, I'm off work Thur & Fri, so I have *almost* convinced myself to play the first event...LHE. I heart Limit and I can't help it LOL.

  7. I remember that just after I turned 40 and was hyper-sensitive to it, I stopped in a discount card store to buy some greeting cards. When I checked out, the girl at the counter (maybe borderline developmentally disabled?) gave me the senior discount! I nearly cried ... until I realized that this cheapskate got something for less than I should have. Now -- I say Old Guys Rule!

  8. "Now -- I say Old Guys Rule!"

    @lightning: I'm not an old guy. I just have a mature presence. (ha)

    @jusdealem: GL if you play!

  9. Hey, my ass is practically senior. Can't wait to get my discount.

    Your limit story reminds me of my last trip to Vegas and playing 3/6 limit at Harrah's. Pull K-K to a capped pot with $20 in chips and a $50 bill on the table. With a K-T-6 flop and a bet and raise in front I try to raise again and am told cash don't play there and I'm all in with my last couple of chips. The game goes on with 4 others and every street capped. Seems that flop hit 3 of us, there was a 6-6, T-T and my K-K. What the other two were doing in there I haven't a clue. I got about $100 out of that pot and learned to make sure I know the rules whenever I go to a strange casino. An expensive lesson.

  10. @wolfshead: and in some casinos, money plays if it is 100 bills or larger, i.e. 20s or 50s don't play. When you put the 50 out there, a good dealer should have told you and offerred to sell you some chip$.