Sunday, April 19, 2009

On the road to Omaha

I played Omaha-8 again last night at the Goldstrike Casino (my second time live), and that is one *fun* game. Because I didn't know what I was doing, I played mostly low hands -- ones that had A-2 or A-low suited with a third low card. Yes, I folded a lot, but booked a win!

I'm just getting a feel for the game, but the tourists sure play loose. One of the locals raised before the flop with this hand. I didn't agree with it, but would like to hear what players who actually know how to play think. He had A A 10 6. Yes, he has pocket aces, but only one other low card, and the 10 detracts from his hand as it is a third spade. Maybe I'm missing something here.

I made two big mistakes that I'm aware of (and no doubt plenty of lessor ones). Once I called the turn and river when I knew one of the players must have a boat (the board was paired). It was a kill pot, so I gave away $24 for no reason. Then another kill pot, I called a $12 bet on the river, and it went raise, reraise back to me. I was afraid of getting whip-sawed, and only had the second nut low, so I gave it up. They each had a straight and I cost myself half of a big pot.

On another pot, I got to see a flop for free (I had the kill button in front of me). It was 7-2-2 and my hand was 2-3-3-5. It went check and the guy in front of me bet, and I called, as did a third guy. Fourth street brought a 5, giving me a boat. The same guy bet, and I raised. It went call, call. I bet again on the river after a queen came, and was called in both places. They each turned over A-3 for the nut low. As little as I know, I wouldn't make that mistake because of reading the instructional posts by the Goddess of Omaha CK. You may approach her throne at BWoP.

Here's a hand that was cute. The board read K-K-K-Q-X. A lady turned over Q-J-X-X and the dealer announced: "Full house!" What's wrong with this picture? Well, Omaha is a different beast, and even the dealers have trouble reading the board. Because you have to play two cards from your hand, the lady actually had K-K-K with Q-J as kickers! Nobody had a pair, and a guy with an ace scooped the pot (there was no low, obviously).

I don't think people need to take recreational drugs. Why? Heck, just play Omaha, especially high-low. You'll get enough excitement that drugs are irrelevant.

During the game, at the next table to mine, I saw a tee shirt that aroused my interest. I just happened to have my camera with me, so I took a shot of it on my way out:

It looks like it's from someplace in New Orleans. Maybe I'll Google it.

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