Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday and another poker tournament

At the last minute I decided to play in the tourney at the Goldstrike. When I came home from work, I was tired and laid down and fell asleep. I got there 20 minutes late, but they allow late entries for the first three levels (one hour).

There were 49 players, the entry was $70 and I ended up coming in third. I went out on a race: 6 6 vs. Q J. There was no chop because one guy had a huge stack. Too bad I didn't win the race and double up (and essentially knocking out the other guy in the process) because I would have had enough chips so that one more double up would put me back in business. Oh well.

I'm too tired to do a proper recap, but maybe I'll add to this tomorrow. I'll probably play in the Saturday night tournament (6:00 p.m.). Sunday I have tickets to see the AAA Memphis Redbirds and Iowa Cubs. I checked the weather and it's supposed to be sunny and clear (although they say it will hit 90 degrees!), so I am excited about taking some photos.


  1. Nice finish, Mojo. You are doing well in these trnys, which is not an easy feat with the typical structures in Tunica. Great job! Odd there would only be 49 entrants on a Fri night, tho. I thought GS usually drew at least 80+ players?

    Good luck tonight :)

  2. You asked about my hand histories:

    I convert each hand to HTML in Poker Academy Prospector 2, which I also use for post game analysis.

    It has a nice replayer and the most basic stats - I only use the stats to plug leaks when they become too obvious.


  3. Congrats on getting third. Was wondering how much the starting stacks were and are the levels 20 minutes each??? That's generally what they are in casinos here.

  4. We started with 5000 in chips, 20 minute levels, 25/50 blinds. It goes up fairly fast, so you can't sit back and wait for the nuts.

    Then, at one point it jumps w-a-a-y up. I don't have a structure sheet here at the house, so I don't remember which level and how much, but the antes in particular become large.

    Here's what I've seen from the economy being bad: they've reduced the entry fee (but also reduced the players' starting chips) and still the number of players is down, as jusdealem points out.