Saturday, May 30, 2009

Putting faces with names

I'm going to Las Vegas for the WSOP for four days. I'll be playing in Event #43 as will lightning36. We hope to show those donkeys what two bloggers can do. Hey, we can shove with the best of them.

Last year the same one was called Event #42 and there were nearly 2500 runners. First place paid a cool $368,832.

They say they withhold 30% for taxes. That's complicated and a real pain, but I'll put up with it to be able to have poker stories to blog about for both of this blog's readers.

I'll be arriving late Saturday night, June 20, and departing Wednesday, June 24. Definitely looking forward to meeting CK and some of the other degenerates bloggers I've read and respect.

If you see me, come up and shake hands or give me a hug. I'm the little old man with a SL Cardinals' baseball cap and glasses. If you still can't find me, look for the MOJO tee shirt.


  1. WOW! What an adventure. Good Luck MOJO>

  2. Will look forward to following how you do..

  3. Wow that is so cool! Best of, VERY best of luck!


  4. Jealous. But that's OK. My favorite part of the WSOP is living vicariously through those I know whom are playing.

  5. Have fun in Vegas! Say Hi to everyone for me. Good people.

    And good luck in your event! You and Lightning show them how we do things :-)

  6. I'll be there June 18-24 and will be staying at the Imperial Palace. E mail me at so we can trade cell phone numbers.

  7. Thanks to all the nice comments.

    @lightning: I sent you an e-mail with my cell phone number and where I'll be staying.