Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I thought the economy was supposed to be bad??

On April 2, Ed Miller announced his new book Small Stakes No Limit Hold'em. He calls it the "affordable poker ebook," and you can read that here. I'm into technology and all that, but I prefer a book in hard copy. When I go to bed each night, I like to pick up a book (or magazine) and read for a while. When I'm on an airplane, I like to read. There are lots of cases where an ebook clearly doesn't work for me. I'm just sayin'.

Today I read on Ed's web site here that this "afordable" ebook has an introductory offer of $39.95, then, after two weeks, will jump to its regular price of $99.95! Yikes, does it have a gold lining or something? Is the cover diamond encrusted? No, wait, it's not a real book, it's a freakin' ebook.

I thought buying poker books was so last-year. I thought the economy was in bad shape. Is it just me, or is this is a very steep price? Just askin'.


  1. $99.95 - this would be a big stake for me.

  2. I am like you Memphis I like having the book in my hand. The price of 99.95 is way more than I would pay for any book.

  3. It's ridiculous. Miller has acknowledged that this e-book may never see print in a physical form. The pricing is insulting. I wouldn't pay $5 for Miller's new crappy book.

  4. Mojo, I concur on both points. A book should be able to be held and carried around, as well as, read.
    While I respect what Miller has to say and I really liked parts of PNL, I would not have paid $99 for it and I definitely won't pay $99 for the e-book.

  5. I like Ed Miller as an author and I've had some friendly correspondance with him in the past, but I have to echo Gnome and Lucypher's comments.


  6. eBooks have very little expense, this is just a play for cash. I'll bet the price plummets when it doesn't sell as expected.

  7. I'm buying it. And while I take the names of all of you who won't (I want to play poker with all of you...soon!), let me just remind everyone, that many ebooks can be read on multiple devices, including smartphones and laptops. Which means you can bring it everywhere.

    If you have a really clever device it may read the book aloud for you, what do I know...Hell, you may even be able to print it out yourself. Bring it to a binder and Bob's your uncle.

    39,95 is going to return many times if you learn even half of the things Miller will teach.

    The only thing that I'm sorry about is that I cannot offer you the book myself.

    Sheez...I probably said too much already...I'm out.