Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A night at the ballpark

We have the Memphis Redbirds baseball team, the AAA team of the St. Louis Cardinals.

I spent three hours at Autozone Park tonight watching them play the Las Vegas 51s.

Before the game I went to The Rendevouz and ate ribs. It doesn't get much better than this.

As they introduce a Redbird player, they let one of these kids run out on the field with each. Above you see the kids assembled.

"Wait for me, wait for me!"

The Vegas pitcher looked good, but the Redbird hurler out-pitched him.

The final score was Memphis 2-0 over the 51s.

The Red Hots show their dance moves above.

Rockey Redbird is the mascot. He's pretty cool, no?


  1. You sure seem to live a fun life, MOJO.

  2. I just am not a fan of the dry rub. You know I like Corky's. How about Interstate? I saw a special on that place on The Food Channel.