Sunday, May 10, 2009

Just back from storm-damaged area

My Mom called me Saturday to tell me the news. Thunderstorms struck Friday through southern Illinois (Murphysboro, Carbondale, Herrin, Carterville and Marion). When I arrived later in the day, there were trees down everywhere and no electricity. They were severe enough to be called an "inland hurricane." Another media source called it a "wave of powerful storms."

Above is a tree in Mom's yard. This was minor compared to much of what I saw.

A few blocks away (corner of Rod Lane and Sunset Drive in Carbondale IL), this tree was uprooted and blocking the street.

The storm was not a tornado, rather what is called flat-line winds that were more than 100 miles per hour.

If you look carefully at the next photo, you can see that is a car beneath the tree that may never be driven again.

Most people couldn't cook, so they ate out. How did restaurants manage? See the generator below that was at the Steak and Shake near Marion IL.


  1. I saw this storm on the Weather Channel. It looked like a forming/dying tropical storm. My family is farther north so I didn't give it much thought beyond "I miss a good old-fashion thunder storm." I'm glad your Mom is fine, yet the clean-up has to be a real pain.

  2. Well, at least your mom didn't get hit over the head by a falling tree.

    We had some pretty nasty weather too, a few days ago. A man got killed by a falling tree that landed on his car - while he was driving it. Talk about bad timing!


  3. It's good that your mom wasn't injured. I hope the clean-up is relatively painless.

  4. Also glad your mom's ok. Did you see the storm damage from Batesville, Ms on the Memphis news the other night? There was a shot of a mattress crushed by a huge old oak tree. The man said he woke his wife just in time for her to get out of the bed...scary stuff. I have 4 huge trees around my house that are 100+ yrs old and I always get nervous in storms.

  5. Sorry I'm late...glad to hear your Mom is OK.