Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Observing their gear

I use three different card protectors: the one on the left says "All in," the next one is a three-dimensional spade symbol and the one on the right has a St. Louis Cardinals' (baseball) emblem.

A comment by fellow Memphis/Tunica-area blogger Jusdealem got me to thinking. When you sit down to play, noticing things about your opponents can help give you an insight into their playing style.

Here are some observations she made about their card protectors:

Cubic zerconia encrusted doo-dads: Wanna be baller, baby! Would rather win with a bluff, than have a legit hand.

Picture of grandkids: Rarely bluffs; has the goods.

Horseshoe: Superstitious. Believes more in luck than skill.

Vegas memorabilia: Tourist donk.

Can you think of more? Do you use a card protector, and, if so, what does it say? If I'm using mine that says "All in," does that mean I'm in full-tilt mode and ready to shove?

I just thought of something else. Do tee shirts with different words on them mean anything? What else can we observe that can give us insight?


  1. I love looking at other peoples card protectors. I use an old medal from one of my marathons. The weird thing is the last 2 times I have played at the River Rock I was the only one using a card protector at both tables I was at. Wonder what that says about me???

  2. Thanks for usuing my comment as a post, mojo. That's so cool :)

    I really like the one in the middle, the spade shaped one. Very nice. Here's my read on your cps.

    1st: The All In written on it suggests this was your first cp. To me, anything with All In says Newbie. Of course, it is a little worn, so combine that with watching you play and they would surely deduce you are certainly not a newbie.

    2nd: I get a cool, confident read from this one. Experienced. Knows moves; will use them.

    3rd: This is a tough one, as it doesn't give off much info other than, loves baseball; probably from the St. Louis area. Final read: All-American, good guy; can take a bad beat well and with dignity.

    Interesting topic..or maybe I just read way more into details than neccessary...

  3. I've tried a variety of card protectors over the years (what, 3 years now?) My favorite was an old McCarran Airport slot token my wife gave me. It was lifted from my table when I took a break last time I was in Vegas. After that, I quit using them as they are just one more thing to keep track of at the table.

    CPs, t-shirts, or stains on a guy's tan, polyester slacks, they're all tells at the table.

  4. I always just use the lowest denomination chip as my card protector...partly so I don't have to keep track of an actual card protector, and also because it doesn't give away any info about me...or perhaps gives false info that I don't play very often...


  5. My favorite cap was a $1 white chip from Slots-O-Fun out front of Circus Circus. Had a great look to it with that cheap metalized insert in it. Told everyone I was a tourist donk too! I like when folks think of me at the tables that way. It was soon stolen.

    I used Jack Binions last Gold Dollar for awhile but alas, it too was stolen.

    I always use some type of coin now. Most of them much smaller than a chip and far less meaningful to me than the last two I miss so much.

  6. @jusdealem: 1st: The All In written on it suggests this was your first cp.

    Yep, was my first one, good read.

    @dbcooper: Not sure what I would make of your CP, prob would ask you what it is and pick up some vibes from your answer and how you talk.

    @bambam & bastinptc: it's a shame degens/pokerplayers would steal something like this.

    @spritpot: good point, hadn't thought of that.