Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pay attention

When I sit down at the table, the first thing I do is observe each player. It's amazing how much you can tell almost immediately. This is a big advantage for me compared to online play. Does he act confident? Does he look drunk? How does he handle his chips? Does he have a clue?

The following happened at the Goldstrike last Saturday early in the Omaha-8 game. On the river, the 10 seat bet, one player folded and only the eight-seat called. The 10-seat turned over the nut low and trip 5s for high. The eight-seat studied and finally mucked his hand.

The dealer waiting to come in was standing behind the eight-seat player. "He folded a straight," he mouthed to the (present) dealer. I'm sure no one else saw this, but I did and it was good information. I now can add to my profile of the eight seat -- he's not the sharpest player in the game, to say the least.

What do you look for when you sit down to play in a live game?


  1. I'll add one to your list: Card protectors. I think you can tell a lot about someone's playing style from their cp.

    Horseshoe: Superstitious. Believes more in luck than skill.

    Picture of grandkids: Rarely bluffs; has the goods.

    Cubic zerconia encrusted doo-dads: Wanna be baller, baby! Would rather win with a bluff, than have a legit hand.

    Vegas memorabilia: Tourist donk.


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