Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Poker pearl #20

[Above is a scan of the cover of the June 3 Card Player magazine.]

One of the regular columnists for Card Player magazine is Roy Cooke. You can tell he plays mostly live from what he writes here:

When observing opponents, try to determine their weaknesses and what plays will work best to take advaantage.

Poker is a people game. Learn an individual opponent's tendencies; think about how you can best play against those tendencies.

When you are correctly making different plays in similar situations against different opponents, you are on your way to developing the poker "feel" that will take your game to a new level.


  1. A great comment. My son often asks me how I you play a certain hand. Well you play it depending on who you are playing against. There is no set or best way to play a hand.

  2. That's fantastic advice. It's my primary reason for playing bar poker...well that and I have to drive quite aways to play in a casino, but it's mostly to keep sharp in reading people and playing optimally against each one.

    Never slow play a weak/passive person. Never try and bluff a weak/loose person. Give plenty of rope to a loose/agressive. Avoid playing anything but the nuts against a tight/agressive player.

    All else fails, raise with the hammer.