Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Poker pearl #21

Alec Torelli (shown above) was interviewed in the June 3 issue of Card Player magazine. He plays online as traheho and is successful in cash games and tournaments.

He was asked what advice would he give to poker players who have trouble with downswings. His advice shows he is not only a good poker player, but he's a wise young man.

Having balance in your life is important. I like to do other things to keep me engaged in life. It's so easy to be swept away in poker.

You play 12 hours a day and lose your soical skills. You stop making friends and having other hobbies. Go do something you like, such as canoeing, or whatever. Take a break from poker.

If you lose five buy-ins or 20 buy-ins, who cares? You are still playing poker and doing something you got into because you thought it was fun.

When you are running bad, it's important to continue the good habits you have when you are winning, even though you are losing. Small things like eating healthy and working out might not seem important when you've just lost a bunch of money, but they are. You will bounce back and it will happen more quickly if you maintain the same good habits.


  1. No matter how many times I hear about people running bad, it makes me feel a little better when it happens to me too. I don't feel so quite alone.