Sunday, July 12, 2009

Abraham Lincoln: A road trip

This past weekend, I met one of my brothers and my two sisters to travel to see Abraham Lincoln's boyhood home in Dale IN (Lincoln Boyhood Home National Memorial) where he lived during his formative years, ages 7 to 21. Then we went to see his birthplace (Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Site) in Kentucky.

The memorial shown above (click here to read about it) has 56 granite steps, one for each year of his life. It was started in 1906 and completed in 1911. It's located about 20 miles south of Louisville KY.

The collage shown above has a replica of the log cabin he was born in, two shots of what the inside might have looked like, and three more photos of the memorial.

There were lots of flowers, and I couldn't resist.

"Whatcha looking at?" If you click to enlarge, you can see a bee feasting on this flower. I went for a lens that would "get me in closer," but he was gone when I got back -- too bad.


  1. Four siblings. Nice to do that.

  2. Actually I have a second brother, but he couldn't go this time.

  3. The 1810 Hardin County KY census shows that ancestors (Logsdon and Keisinger) of mine had the Lincolns (Thomas) as neighbors.

  4. Going to be in Tunica Thurs. night leaving Sunday Morning. Any chance you will be there?

  5. How interesting. Is that a triple decker bunk bed in one of the pics? I just can't imagine living in a one room cabin. Love the flowers.

  6. You have to come to Springfield, IL for a major dose of Lincoln.

  7. Oh, stop. What's a hardened poker player doing taking very pretty pictures of flowers?
    Apparently Gerald Ford said during his inauguration "I am not a Lincoln, I'm a Ford"'.

  8. @diverjoules: I left a comment on your web site.

    @jusdealem: I'm not sure. I did notice the beds have ropes strung between the wood sides, and the featherbeds lie on top of the ropes.

    @lightning36: The others have seen Springfield and New Salem many times, but not the two places we went to Saturday. Apparently, Springfield is much more interesting.

    @wolynski: photos of any kind work for me, lol.

    @bastinptc: Thomas Lincoln lost his land in KY in a legal dispute (common back then when record-keeping and land surveys were less than ideal). The reason he moved to southern IN was the chance to get land with a "clear and free" title.