Sunday, July 12, 2009

The RNG has a sense of humor

First, this disappointing hand (all in before the flop):

Then the haha, lol, lmao hand:

Finally, the cooler: With 18 players left, we were all-in before the flop:


  1. NP on the link, Mojo. I spread those things around. I picked that one from one of the search engines.

    My site was one number in popularity higher (less popular) then his. I was . . Well, I looked. And figured why not.

    So you got the link.

  2. Yea, a sick, twisted sense of humor!

  3. Love the double pocket 4's. The only time I can remember someone having the same pocket pair as me we both had aces. Have seen it a few other times to other players with different pockets