Thursday, July 30, 2009

Caught in a buzz saw

Playing online bridge at OKbridge, you pick up:
A Q J 7 6 3 2 9 Q J 4 J 2.

Your partner bids 1 and you respond 1. Partner rebids 2 and you?

I can see a case for 3. Your shortness is in partner's suits and the quacks in diamonds aren't very appealing. The player who held this hand bid 4. I don't think that's terrible either, but the contract had no play. Look what happened when Kate and I were East-West:

A K Q J 2
7 6
Q 9 8 6 3
10 8 4 3 K
10 7 8 6 5 4 3
A 9 8 5 3 2 K 10
A K 10 7 5 4
A Q J 7 6 3 2
Q J 4
J 2

Kate led the A. She then cashed the A and led another to my king. I played the K (Kate discarded a low heart), and then led the 4. Declarer ruffed with the J and Kate discarded her last heart.

Because Kate couldn't overruff, Declarer was now fairly sure that I (East) had the K, so he led a heart to get to dummy. Kate ruffed and led another round of diamonds. Declarer ruffed in dummy, I overruffed with the K. I returned a heart and declarer had to lose another trick for down four. That was plus 400 for us and 5.81 IMPs in our column.

This board was played 70 times, and the results were divided into three main groups: 3 or 4 down 100, 4 down 200 and 4 down 300. Our score was not the highest. Two pairs went down five. I didn't check to see how they did it -- too scary.

You can see what all the players did, if you click here.

Here's the BBO Handviewer link:

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