Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Look, up in the sky -- it's a bright kite

Has anyone heard of brightkite? I ran across it on the blog of a co-worker. It's a location-based social network. If you sign up, the service uses the GPS device in your cell phone to let others know where you are. People using BrightKite can see if other users are in the same area.

BrightKite integrates with Facebook, Twitter, and other social media services, and there are privacy settings you can use to determine who can see your location and who can’t. Sometimes, you might not want others to know where you are (ahem). It also interfaces with Flickr, so you can send photos there. (Don't get me started!)

I signed up for FaceBook (or BaseFook, as they like to say) maybe two years ago, and Twitter last year. What's next? Will I sign up for every dumb fad that comes along?

Any of you readers signed up already? Anybody heard about it and like it/hate it/don't care? Thoughts?

UPDATE: I just thought of this. If your kids were out and about, this might be a good way to keep tabs on them. Just sayin'.


  1. Have not heard of it. But unlike my dislike for following fashion trends, I do follow computer/communication trends. I will be investigating. Thanks.

  2. @diverjoules: after you investigate, let me know what you think.

  3. That's a new one to me...not sure I like it.

  4. Darn firewall and security settings here won't let me upgrade my IE to the needed level to use the BrightKite website. So I will have to check from my home PC. If I am not too busy tonight. Will let you know what (if anything) I discover.

  5. I've never heard of this, either, and will, on principle, avoid it like the plague!

    Good luck!