Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fun in the limit game

I played at the Goldstrike Friday night. The tournament was $135 buyin for 10,000 chips and 20 minute levels. This was slightly higher than what they had been offering, but it was a holiday weekend, so they were trying to build a big prize pool -- works for me.

During the third level, the blinds were 100/200 and there were two limpers to me. I checked my hole cards to see:
K K. I raised to 1,025 and the big blind called. Now the first limper moved all in. I don't think anything he can have makes sense. If he has A-A, why not re-raise to 3,600 or thereabouts? Why try and run me out? I finally guessed he had J-J or a vulnerable hand and was trying to end it right there.

I called, the blind folded, and he turned over A J. WTF?

The flop included an ace, doesn't it always? I failed to improve and headed for the ca$h games. Because I had such good luck last week in the $4/8 limit game, I opted for it again. Good decision. The game was soft, as expected, but you have to make a hand and you have to hope it will hold up. I ran okay and made more than enough to cover my tournament entry so was positive for the night.

One cute hand. In late position I limped in with K 5. The flop was: 9-8-5 rainbow (one spade). Three limpers checked to me, so I bet $4. Two called. The turn was the Q, and it checked to me. I fired $8 figuring I might win the pot by firing again on the river. Both called. On the river, I again bet $8, but both players called. Frack, you can't drive these monkeys out with a sledge hammer. Then I looked down -- the river was the 5! Ship it!

I could give you more limit hold-em stories from Friday, but you wouldn't believe me (Like a guy who kept raising preflop and later showing 8-7 off suit.)

Seen on a tee shirt at the Goldstrike Friday night:
Can vegetarians eat animal crackers?


  1. "The flop included an ace, doesn't it always?"

    Yes, it's in the rules somewhere, that if you have pocket Kings, there must be an Ace on the flop to level things out.


  2. yet another reason I don't care for tourneys

  3. Tournaments will break your heart.

  4. Surprised he even had AJ. I have had calls with Ace Rag with Kings and they always hit their Ace.