Thursday, July 2, 2009

Poker pearl #23

Above is a scan of Card Player magazine dated July 1, 2009, casino version.

Although he finished 9th in a bracelet event, Matt Vengrin has made his biggest wins online where he plays as Plattsburgh. When asked what's holding most players back from making bigger scores, here's what he said:

People don't go for the win enough. Thsy just sit back and try to climb the money ladder. I shoot for the top three, always. That's where the real payouts start. Poker is a game, and the goal of tournament poker is to win.


  1. Great blog. I've been hanging out at the WSOP and Vitaly Lunkin is always smoking in the back at the Poker Kitchen - doesn't speak English, but I know 3 sentences in Russian. Boy, is he talented - came in 4th in the HORSE tournament I believe.
    I posted some photos I took at the WSOP on my blog VegasImages.
    Is that Annie Duke whose back we see?

  2. I have to say, that I too play to win big. I was thinking that it is a flaw, because there are many times I could have sat back and just "made the money". But I never enter a tourney hoping to get my buyin back. I am always there for the win.

  3. Ho, Mojo. Thanks for the visit. Several of the non-poker links don't like blogs. And they maintain them - er, have a blog.