Saturday, July 18, 2009

It's against the law to be a moron

While driving home from work about a week ago, I saw this sign: New law in Tennessee. No texting and driving.

Say what? I guess it's also against the law to play Russian roulette with all six loaded.

Here's a link, and here's another another.


  1. My husband is a cop and he would love to enforce, "It's against the law to be a moron." HAHAHA!!

  2. In a sane world, texting while driving would be a joke, but unfortunately it's really not -- lots of people actually do! Check out the cover story in today's NY Times.

  3. Just had someone in our town video a lady driving with her knees while texting. The good thing was that the video guy got her license. It was incredible to watch on our local tv. The cops said they were going to pay her a visit and charge her with driving withing undue attention.