Saturday, July 18, 2009

When a blogger comes to town

Fellow poker blogger Diverjoules e-mailed me that she and her daughter were coming to Tunica. She blogged "Tunica here we come" that you can read here.

We agreed to meet Friday night at Harrah's at 6 p.m. to play in its Deep Stack tournament. About 5:30 I got this text message: "I played in the afternoon tournament and came in third. I'm freerolling tonight!" Sweet!

I bought my entry, took my seat, and began looking around. The most likely candidate (I had a rough idea how old she was -- her daughter came to play blackjack, so I guessed daughter early 20s, thus Diverjoules early 40s) was sitting at my table.

I sent a text message: "Are you in seat 2?" She had her phone out and got the message immediately. She looked up and looked directly at me. We both smiled, got up and gave each other a hug. Now, how cool is that? There are lot of poker players, but bloggers are their own special world.

When you read someone's blog, after a while you can get a pretty good idea of what they are like. Yes, she was as nice as I predicted and a very cool lady.

I busted out of the tournament after around two hours, but Diverjoules went to the final table and finished 4th. She might want to feed at the donkey trough of Tunica a little more in the future! Just sayin'.

One cute hand. The second one we played, the blinds were 25/50 and we started with 15,000 in chips. A guy raised, another called, a third guy re-raised and the first guy re-raised him. The last guy re-raised all in and it was called. I'm thinking to myself, you can't give these donkeys enough chip$. One of them will bust out on the second hand. The first one turned over A A and the other guy showed A A. Ha ha. "It's not over yet," said the dealer (meaning that one of them could still get a flush), but the flop had three different suits, so the last two cards were a formality.

We're going to meet and play in another tournament tonight, perhaps at the Horseshoe (we think it has a better structure than the Saturday Harrah's tournament) or maybe the Goldstrike. I hope to see her at the final table.


  1. COOL. If you and bastin ever meet, you can hug too. Maybe I will start a blog.

  2. We will give the secret Saluki handshake, and then hug. And it's about time, Crash. Get writing.

  3. Get writing AND taking photos! You know how I am about pics!!

  4. I once lost an AA vs. AA confontation when opponent turned a me.

    Also makes me wish we had more casinos and poker bloggers in Denmark as well.


  5. It's always fun to meet other bloggers! Sounds like she's having a great visit.

  6. Recently I saw two players go all-in preflop for 200 bets each at a 4/8 LHE table with AA.

    I laughed my guts out, hoping one of them would 4-flush the other.


  7. I was THRILLED to meet you!!! So nice of you to hang out with me.