Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Look for possibilities

When things look hopeless, look for a small chance. Playing online bridge last night with Kate, I had an opportunity to do that (hands rotated):

9 4
J 10
A K J 8 7
A K Q 9
A K 10 Q 7 6 5 3
9 8 3 A 7
9 6 3 2 10
8 7 3 8 J 10 5 4 2
J 8 2
K Q 6 5 4 2
Q 5 4

The opponents bidding was short and sweet: 2 pass 4 all pass. I led the A and the K. Dummy was so strong that I could see no chance for two more tricks except in the trump suit, so I led my 10 forcing dummy to ruff.

Declarer led the J and Kate won her ace to lead a fourth round of spades, promoting my 9 into a trick.

Setting 4 was worth 7.72 IMPs for the good guys. There were a bunch of 420s when 4 was allowed to make. In one rare case it made six. I had to find out how, so I checked. My hand was opening leader and led the 10 which ran around to declarer's jack! I wonder what he was smoking.

You can see all the results if you click here.

Here is the Handviewer presentation from BBO:

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