Tuesday, July 28, 2009

MOJO hits 400-post landmark

It was May 13, 2008, when I made my first blog post. It was a bridge deal and the title was: At the crossroads. Now I see that I wasn't really at the crossroads; I was at the beginning.

After 400 posts, I've made many new friends, and had lots of fun. Some I've met, but most I've not, but I feel like I know them anyway. They are from the U.S., Canada and even Denmark! In all, 36 countries are represented.

I have google analytics (for the last 10 months), so let's look at some of the numbers:

36 -- That number is how many different countries are represented.

405 -- 405 is how many different people have come here to look around.

1192 -- Some of the people who came, turned up their noses and didn't come back. But I've had 1192 visits (if I understand what the numbers in google analytics mean), so a few of you returned. This is humbling and I thank all who did so, especially those who leave comments.

80 -- That's the most visitors I've had in one day. I played in one of those Poker Stars Blogger Tournaments with ~550 runners (Dec. 14, 2008), and came in fourth. I guess those who didn't know me came to find out how it happened. The ones who did know me also wanted to find out how it happened. Ha.

100 -- My 100th post was, surprise, photos. It was on Oct. 5, 2008
200 -- My 200th post was on Jan. 1, 2009 -- it was photos.
300 -- My 300th piece was also photos, and I posted it on May 1, 2009.

I've posted 197 poker pieces, 132 with bridge as the subject, 70 labeled photos and 59 miscellaneous. It adds to more than 400 because some of them overlap.

Here are some of the titles and the subject. No, I wasn't on meth when I wrote them, although some sound pretty kooky:

When the candyman comes to town (poker)

I'll take overbidding for $800, Alex (bridge)

Would you club a baby seal? (poker)

Bridge in another galaxy (bridge)

Is tiddlywinks fun? (poker)

Suicide hotline, open for business (bridge)

Draw another arrow from your quiver (bridge)

6.6 million mile trip, but you can only pack 10 items (Misc.)

The Room of Requirement (poker)

Up, down and sideways (Photos)

I love baseball. Each summer I take a trip to St. Louis to see the Cardinals. Most summers, I also travel at least once to Boston to see the Red Sox. On Sep. 1, 2007, I was in Fenway Park and saw Clay Bucholz throw a no-hitter. For a serious baseball fan, this was a huge thrill.

Here are some photos from that game:

Above is the famous Green Monstah. (And, yes, they talk that way.)

Buchholz had been called up from the minors to pitch this game. He sure didn't look like a rookie.

I still have my ticket, and the image above is a scan of it.


  1. Congrats! You're definitely hitting over 400.

    BTW, did you know that the original Boston Red Stockings went through several name changes including the Boston Bees?

    Today, they are called...

    The Atlanta Braves!

  2. Congrats MoJo. Glad I was fortunate to be one of the ones to meet you. Hope we can do it again sometime.

  3. Congrat Memphis on reaching 400 posts. I always enjoy reading your poker posts and your non poker ones too. Look forward to the next 400

  4. Well, congrats on the 400 mark! And 'tis a very interesting blog! I hope to see your 800th post and many more beyond...

  5. Congrats on 400! Wishing you many more posts to come!

  6. Congrats.

    I really want to get to Fenway Park someday.


  7. Mojo, Congrats on your 400th post.
    Keep the good stuff coming.

  8. Congrats on 400!

    I hope to have another chance to see you before you hit 800 . . .

  9. @KenP: I remember when they were the Milwaukee Braves. Hey, I'm old, but not that old.

    @diverjoues and @ckbwop: Certainly a pleasure to mee both of you, too.

    @shrike: the first time I went to Fenway Park, I just looked around and thought, "Babe Ruth used to play here!"

    Thx to others who commented.

  10. Mojo! Congrats on your 400th!

    I still don't get bridge but I'm sure it's just as worthwhile a read as your poker content.

    Hope to run into you, some day. Meanwhile, keep it up!


  11. Wow! 400 posts! That is a lot! Isn't awesome to have the chance to meet so many people from around the world and share your passion with others? Congratulations on what you have accomplished!