Thursday, July 23, 2009

Poker pearl #25

In the Card Player magazine (July 14, 2009, casino version), shown in the scan above, John Vorhaus gives what he calls wisdomettes. Here's one:

Don't bite the hand that feeds you.
If you're beating up on some weakie, and
he's giving you all his money, don't do
anything to distract him from his task.
Especially don't berate him when he draws
out on you. He has to draw out every once
in a while in order to maintain his
enthusiasm for the game. Don't begrudge
him his wins -- they're only temporary.


  1. Hello, Mojo.

    Thanks for the visit. I've seen those words of advice somewhere before. They always remind me of an old fellow I partnered in Bridge - he tried to teach me the game.

    Our bidding went crosswise and he looked at me and said, "I'm going to let you take the lead. But I'm going to set you."

    He did.

    Ksmoms. I'm not sure, totally, what the group is, but yes. Ks, Moms.

    The pictures are usually, more like always, from a photo sharing site I use for my pic fixes.I don't always get the credits correct or even get them because some are watermarked and some not and in my travels I don't set up individual files for the pictures.

    That is mostly because I seldom copp the same photographer more than once. The site is a collector of photos world wide.

    Virtual tours of Budespest get very interesting sometimes.

  2. So true. Like the blog. If you've got space on your blogroll, I'd be honored to be added.

  3. @tenmile: visit you after each post, but often too lazy to comment.

  4. I love the way he puts this. I catch myself, on occasion, being "the professor" at the tables, and I always berate myself afterwards. But if someone else is doing it, I always tell them the same thing when the 'weakie' is out of earshot: "Are you allergic to money? Stop teaching!".

  5. @Poker Daily -- I added your blog info. I encourage readers to go there are try it!

    @Jamie -- Yeah, we get caught up in the game and forget things like this.