Sunday, August 23, 2009

These people kill me

This morning, I was catching up on some blog reading, and drinking a cup of coffee. On Sunday, online poker is de rigueur, so let's multitask. (I get one fancy word per blog piece. If I ever use lagniappe, however, just shoot me.)

I opened Ultimate Bet and entered a $5 MTT, (I'm known as a big spender.) and very early, this hand played out:

A guy on my right made a big raise, and I had presto on the button. Normally, if the raise is less than 7% of my stack, I call, and mine for the set to try and stack him (especially when in position). It was early in the tournament, however, and I was feeling mellow, so I folded. Nittiness is embedded in my DNA.

One of the blinds moved all in -- another reason not to get involved, there might be a re-raise.

The all-in guy had 2 2 and flopped a set. The other guy had K 10. He turned a flush. Stuff like this happens all the time in low buy-in tournaments. It makes sense in a way -- who cares much about $5? If you bust out, there's another tournament right around the corner. I don't necessarily agree, but just sayin'.

Now the fun started:

2-2 guy: No justice. All in with K-10, stupid.

(These are usually college kids with pimples out in Nebraska or somewhere, so I normally don't get involved. This time, I couldn't resist.)

MOJO: 2-2 isn't exactly prime real estate.

2-2: new he was a donk

2-2: flopped a set, justice would have been served, but I have no mojo

(Hey, watch it, guy -- mojo is my territory.)

2-2: Dumbest are always the luckiest

K-10 guy: so you must be VERY lucky, lol


  1. Played out like the early stages of a typical $5 SNG.

  2. After completing my 100 SnG challenge, I can say that it sounds all too familiar...


  3. Very funny, whatever it all means!

  4. Mojo, I just used lagniappe in a conversation with my husband yesterday! He said, What??? Haha Please, don't shoot me!

    Funny chat from the 22 guy. Those ppl kill me, too. :)

  5. Thx all for the comments.

    @jusdealem: I bet your husband isn't from New Orleans.

    Did he say "whatyap?"?

  6. Haha, yep! No, he's not very familiar with anything Cajun/French/NOLA. He knows Hand Grenades, Hurricanes and Po' Boys, that's about it. LOL

  7. aren't ducks the nuts? I mean it's a named hand after all. Justice would have been the board completing a straight flush.

  8. Nice blog; nice name, Memphis. I have a 1-1/2 yr. old Welsh Corgi male named MOJO. He's full of the dickens too.

    Nina from Nashville