Sunday, August 23, 2009

More Omaha fun

I played poker at the Gold Strike last night (Saturday). The tournament was a disaster. I'm not sure how many players entered. I lost interest when I lost half my stack on this deal during Level IV: The blinds were 200/400 and three players limped to me in the big blind. I had A-Q and just called (mistake #1). The flop was A-5-5 rainbow, so I led out for 525, and one guy called, an older guy. The next card was a rag, and I bet 1250 (mistake #2), and he called. Can you see where this is going?

The river was a jack, no possible flush. I checked, and the other guy bet something (can't remember how much), and I called. He turned over 9 5. I've played with these guys before. When he called the first bet, I could have given up on the hand. If it were a younger guy, then, yes, he might have been floating. But only way this guy would be a floater is if he turned up in the Mississippi River. Just sayin'.

Now I was the short stack, but I was patient. Finally, a guy raised in front of me to 1200, and my hole cards were: Q Q. I moved in, and he called and showed A K. The flop included a king, and I was busted. Of course, this play was a result of the first FUBAR. When you're a short-stack, you have to try and double up to get back in play.

I signed up for the Omaha-8 limit $4/8 with a kill. I love that game. BWoP is right when she says how exciting it is.

There was a list, so while waiting for my name to be called, I sat in the hold 'em $4/8 limit game. There was an open seat in that game, but not one in the NL game. Limit is not the most exciting, but it's not terrible either (contrary to what some no-limit players say).

I won a $100 pot which is hard to do in a limit game like this, unless it's wild and crazy (this game was not). There were several limpers to me. I held two of my favorite ladies: Q Q, and raised to $8. This never drives the others out -- if they've put in $4, they will always put in another $4. So I didn't thin the field, but if they want to play in your world, you have to charge them.

The flop was pretty nice: Q 10 4. The early limpers checked to me, and I bet and got three callers, two behind me. I don't remember the fourth-street card, but it was something safe, so I bet $8, got a call, then a raise! What would you do? Well, at the table, I could see the lady who was between us had picked up some chip$ and was going to call, so I didn't re-raise. I wanted to keep her in the pot. I put her on A-10 or something like that.

I don't remember the river, either, but I checked, the raiser bet and now I re-raised. She called and turned over 4 4 for a set of 4s. Sweet for me, but brutal for her. I may not have the betting exactly correct, but I'm positive the pot was more than $100.

I finally got to the Omaha table. Hee haw, it was wonderful. There were several loose players there. I'm trying to improve my written expression, so here's a quick question: Loose Omaha player, redundant or not? Maybe it's better to just say Omaha players -- you do the math.

The biggest pot of the night was the one in which I held my best hand: A 2 A 5. I was first to act and raised to $8. (Update, I originally had the numbers wrong.) There were four callers to a goof ball the big blind who raised to $12. I raised to $16 and another player re--raised to $19 and was all in. Six of us had put $19 in the pot.

The flop was Q-10-3 with two diamonds. Now is that sweet or not? I have the nut flush draw and a gutshot straight draw. It looks like there won't be a qualifying low hand, but if so, I have some low cards, too. I think the turn was a 6, and I bet again. The river was another 3, and one of the players bet. I folded as my hand was obviously no good, and she turned over some junk that included a 10 and a 3 for the boat. Boo, but that's Omaha.

Now, a funny thing happened. This guy said, "With all this betting going on, I had a really good hand," and showed: A 2 A J. No wonder I didn't hit a third ace.

It was nice to earn a profit on a night in which I started by losing my tournament entry fee. CK is right -- Omaha, ya gotta love it.

I'm getting some nice photographic tips from Wolynski, and so I took a few shots with my point-and-shoot. (She's probably thinking, oh sure, blame that mess on me.)

When you get inside the casino, there are often lines. Sometimes, there are lines outside, too (see below).


  1. Hey, great photos! Seriously - they are well done. Kudos to your friend and to you for listening to her!

    Although I know from nothing about poker, I love reading your commentaries about the various games in which you get involved.

    Each one is kinda like a short story!

  2. If I weren't so busy 'babysitting' my son, I would be over there more often to play and visit with you. I might even try that Omaha game next time!

    Great pics. I really like the first one with the hotel in the background.

  3. I like all your photos, but especially when you take those clear, colorful ones of signs.

  4. You gotta love it when you get a set and somebody else gets a lower one. Usually very profitable.

  5. Nice Pics MoJo - makes me want to come back. In the non-mosquito season that is.. lol

  6. @jacob: thanks for the compliment

    @jusdealem: when things settle down and the time is right, lemme know.

    @crash & dbcooper: thanks

    @joulesdiver: I'm old and tough, so the mosquitoes didn't bother me. You're tender and sweet. Connection?

  7. Oh, sure, blame it on me...

    Actually, they're very nice - I enlarged them - very crisp.

    I never post hand histories. On Saturday, there was a maniac at the 1/2 table. He raised preflop every hand, then went allin on turn or river. I won $205 from him and when he left, I left. Aren't you glad I share my poker insights? Yours are very good.

  8. @Wolynski: Thanks for the comment and thanks for the tips.

    (My spell checker doesn't like Wolynski. I'm going to have to send an e-mail to Google and complain that they don't have their act together.)

  9. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, omaha. I haven't touched cards in a while. Might need to remedy that soon!