Sunday, August 2, 2009

A debt must be paid

"I love Corky's BBQ," was a comment on one of my blog pieces. The writer was lightning36.

When we found out that we were both going to play in Event #43 at the WSOP, he suggested a last-longer bet, and I remembered what he had written. I offered dinner at Corky's as his prize if he outlasted me. Neither of us did very well, but he went deeper than I did.

The past three days, Mr. and Ms. Lightning spent a get-away weekend in Memphis and we were able to meet at (guess where?) Corky's. And, yes, I picked up the tab -- last-longer bets must be paid, after all.

We had a great time. His bride is a lovely and charming lady. Both are personable, and we talked about whatever and wherever the chat took us. Nice! If all my debts were this much fun to pay off, I wish I had more!

Above: Lightning36 on left, MOJO on right.


  1. Oh, that is so awesome that y'all got together over tasty bar-b-que, had a real chat and got even again!

  2. Maybe I have asked you this before: Did you ever eat at Witt's in Murphysboro back in the day?

  3. MOJO,
    You look so kindly, who would know that you are a table-shark?

  4. Prop bets are usually +EV for me. If only I was as good at poker.

    Great seeing you again. My wife certainly enjoyed meeting you today. Corky's is always good ... and even better when someone else pays!

  5. This is Mrs. Lightning. It was a pleasure meeting you today. I kept trying to think of who you reminded me of. On the way out to the car it hit me: Robin Williams! Thanks again for the lunch. Of course, if you're ever up our way, stop in for a visit.

  6. That sounds tasty, but for me nothing beats Carolina BBQ. I guess it's hard to stray from what you're used to.

  7. You can't ever go wrong with Corky's!

  8. I'm hungry. Sounds like everyone had a good time.


  9. Thx to all who commented.

    @bastin: I haven't eaten there, but everyone says it's amazing.

    @Crash: lol

    @Mrs. Lightning: lol, I just wish I had his money or his talent.

    @spritpot: I live in Raleigh NC for 21 years and agree that the Carolina-style BBQ is terrific. (For readers who don't know, its sauce has a more vinegar base than ketchup base.) Don't forget Brunswick stew to go along with it.

  10. Nice post but what a tease.
    We still don't know what was ordered and how was each item? We "food types" need to know this stuff.

  11. @Luchpher: Sorry to omit the important stuff. Ms. Lightning had the ribs, Mr. Lightning had a BBQ sandwich and BBQ baked beans. I had the BBQ plate which included slaw and beans.

    I don't remember what The Lightnings said, but they didn't send it back. Mine was good, maybe 8 on a scale of 1 to 10?

    We also started the proceedings with an Onion loaf which is like home-made onion rings, only better.

  12. Mojo, Thanks for the update.
    In addition to my love of poker,
    I also love BBQ and have been a judge in numerous cook offs over the years.

  13. That place looks awesome! When I get to Memphis, the Mrs and I are both big fans of BBQ.

    Looks like everyone had a great time!

  14. @OhCaptain: If you and OhCountess get to Memphis, you WILL tell me ahead of time and I'll take you to Corky's, too.