Monday, August 31, 2009

Road trip: St. Louis

I have two brothers and two sisters. When I was a kid, we did lots of things together. Mom and Dad would drag us to an Illinois or Indiana state park for a long weekend and we'd swim, hike and sight-see -- things like that. After I left for college, we drifted apart as we each had our own families and careers to worry about.

A few years ago, we made an effort to spend time together again. For example, last February, four of us spent eight days at Key West, Miami and the Everglades.

This past weekend, we traveled to St. Louis to see the S.L. Cardinals and do some other stuff.

Look at that sea of red (above).

I use some simple software to crop and do a few other things. I noticed there was a section called Fun Effects. One of the fun effects was called cartoon. I used it to produce the second image (go ahead and click on it -- you know you want to).

Give a man a toy, and he'll play with it.

The iconic Gateway Arch! If you click on it you may see that there is an image of the arch in the grass. I know they mow it to be that way, but, really, how do they do it?

All of these photos were taken with my cheapie point-and-shoot. I'll post a few more tomorrow that I took with my "good" camera.

During the game Sunday, I went up to the fourth level, and wandered around. I wouldn't want to fall from up there.

"Ice cold beer. Get your ice cold beer, here!"

Busch Stadium is very family-friendly. Look at the fans to the left. I'll guarantee they had a good time.

They say the St. Louis Cardinal fans are the best. They are loyal and knowledgeable. Let me share this vignette: There was a man on first with two outs. The batter hit a grounder to the shortstop who threw to first base to retire the side. The girl sitting directly in front of me asked why the shortstop didn't throw to second (for the force out). The mother said that because there were three balls and two strikes and two out, the batter took off with the pitch. The shortstop had to go to first base to make sure of the out.

The girl looked to be five- or six-years old. Note the age and genders.

Having a bad hair day? The guy above is obviously a Cubs fan, right lightning36?

I'd hate to meet these mouth-breathers in a dark alley.


  1. Fun shots! And I think you certainly had a good time. Was it as good a time as you had previously in Florida?

    I'll look forward to the other photos!

  2. So much fun! Great family photo! The arch in the grass is really cool. The cartoon effect was definetly different. Neat!

  3. How nice MoJo. True Quality time well spent.

  4. @Jacob: Yes, we had fun. We also went to the U.S. Grant Historic Site and visited the Gateway Arch.

    Thanks to all who commented.