Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It's just a fantasy

I lived in Raleigh NC for 21 years in a previous life. We started a fantasy football league back in 1990, and all of the original 10 owners were bridge players. Fantasy FB was new then, so we made up our own rules. Some of the owners changed, but the core of the league has remained the same, and bridge players are tough -- they're smart, and they're competitive.

Last weekend, I traveled to Raleigh, enjoyed the fellowship of my long-time friends, and picked my team for this year.

We draft 20 players. Each week you play two QBs two kickers, one TE. You also play seven RBs and WRs. You have to have four of one and three of the other, so four-three either way. See? I told you we made up our own rules, but it's fun. We draft six RBs and six WRs for each team. That means 60 of each are taken. Folks, when you get down to the 60th running back, well, it can get u-g-l-y. I'm just sayin'.

Here's my team:

QB (QB and Ks are by team, play two each week):
New York Jets

Kicker (play two each week):
Green Bay

TE (play one each week):
K. Winslow TB
V. Davis SF

RB (play four or three):
B. Jacobs NYG
S. Slaten Hou
R. Rice Bal
C. Benson Cinc
T. Hightower AZ
J. Davis Cle

WR (play four or three):
R. Moss NE
C. Ochocinco
T. Holt Jax
D. Mason Bal
E. Bennett Chi
D. Avery SL

I like my team. What do you think?

1. Last year, some of the poker bloggers formed a league, and it was fun. Not sure why they didn't this year. We do have the CK Eliminator Challenge going, though. Five of the 39 players didn't survive week one.

2. On the airplane, I saw that people are starting to wear surgical masks. Is this the new trend, or just a swine flu reaction? Probably a good idea, ya?

3. Sunday, I had white chocolate mousse frozen yogurt - very good. I'm sure it was low in calories. Well, maybe not.

4. My favorite player? Brandon Jacobs. He's a Saluki (S.I.U.). We don't draft defensive players, but, if we did, I'd have to have Bart Scott (NYJ) who's a Saluki, too. My next favorite players are the wolfpack from N.C. State (I got Tory Holt, but missed out on S.D. QB Rivers) - I went to school there, too.


  1. Hi MM,

    Interesting about the face masks on the airlines. I'll have to ask my son who just flew to Europe if he saw those. Otherwise, he flies to FL and back every week, so he should know if it's picking up domestically. I'd say get the vaccine and lose the mask.

    My 2 boys talk fantasy football all football season - the one won a nice 42" LCD TV from a league that runs out of a bar. I sent them your team to look at.


  2. @Nina: Thanks. Lemme know about the masks. Also the team.

  3. @Nina: Forgot this. I'll be in Nahsville next weekend to see the Titans play the Texans. Are you an NFL fan?

  4. I think your team looks pretty good. Good starters and good depth.

  5. @Dave: Thanks.

    Because we have to play two QBs, they are important. Several teams have one good one and one dud. At least both of mine are acceptible for his structure.