Wednesday, September 16, 2009

MOJO is everywhere these days

I'm a sucker for stuff like this (which I saw on one of OhCaptain's web sites). In fact, it was images like this that attracted me to Wolynski (although hers are more clever).

Go to PhotoFunia if you like goofy things, too.

Anybody know what this French means? Maybe it means back then he had more hair???


  1. Well, I do like goofy things, so here goes. Off to photofunia!

  2. Hahaha too fuuny! I will have to check this out, too.

  3. The French means "Madam, I do not eat 6 days". That's the literal translation. There is no past tense in there.

  4. Well done! I should try a few more, they are quite fun.

  5. Mine was pre-computer days - cut and paste. Yours are way fun - you look so cute.

  6. @Crash: goofy is as goofy does, um, well something like that.

    @jusdealem: I figured you'd like it

    @pretender: Thanks. Doesn't make sense to me, I figured it would be something hilarious.

    @Captain: Thanks for pointing the site out to me

    @Wolynski: Cute? Um, let's just say it's amazing what one can do with photoshop software, and leave it at that.

  7. You do have a great sense of humor...this is humor, right? ;-)

    I guess I'm going to have to spend some time at Photofunia, too.

    I especially like the presidential faces...I think there's one that's out of place somehow...yeah, the one on the far left...

    Have a great day!

  8. @Jacob: Yeah, all good humor. That's me.

    Look at the second from the left in Mt. Rushmore. Pretty scary. I advised Wolynski to get her glasses checked.